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The NEC Campus includes the NEC venue, Birmingham International Station, Resorts World, Resorts World Arena and Bear Grylls Adventure. Journey alerts are listed below, please click on the alert for more information.

NEC Campus Map
  • Connecting you to us
    • The NEC is the UK’s best-connected venue, located at the heart of the UK.
    • We have Birmingham airport and Birmingham International train station on-site.
    • Located in the middle of the UK’s motorway network, 75% of people in the UK can reach us within three hours.
    • Live events are the number one reason our visitors keep coming to the NEC, and our unrivalled transport links also come top of the list.
    • We want to make it even easier for you to get here, and that means working with partners to improve our rail and road connections.

    Please note: we are not located in or adjacent to the Birmingham Clean Air Zone but for more information on this and how it may affect your journey please visit Birmingham Clean Air Zone.

  • Improving your journey
    • As we approach Autumn 2022, works will become much more visible on site.
    • The NEC Campus will remain operational throughout, but you may come across changes on-site due to some major works taking place on the surrounding road network.
    • Our travel updates page will contain any information you may need to be aware of.
  • M42 junction 5A
    • National Highways has a £282 million project to improve your road journey to our Campus.
    • A new junction, 5A, will be created on the M42 to help you get better access to our site, and to divert current traffic volumes to other areas.
    • It will be much easier for you to reach us, and to get home.
    • As 2022-23 progresses, these works will become much more visible on site. This includes a new road which will travel directly underneath the NEC’s Southway, which links to the M42 roundabout.
    • An extremely complex operation, it will require the Southway to be moved in two phases.
    • Vehicles will be able to access and exit via this critical route throughout the time period, but there may be delays.
  • High Speed 2
    • In the longer-term, we have High Speed 2 coming to us.
    • This is a complex and ambitious project with an estimated completion time between 2029 and 2033.
    • This will see the first stop, only 38 minutes from London, located less than a kilometre from the NEC and directly connected by an automatic people mover linking HS2, the NEC, Birmingham International Railway Station and Birmingham Airport.
    • This is a long-term project which will impact on our site operations as the programme of works progresses.  
    • HS2 works will also continue both at the North entrance to site and on the roads to the east.    
  • EV charging Super Hub
    • Early 2023, the NEC Birmingham will deliver one of the largest EV charging hubs in Europe in terms of number of charge points on one site. 
    • The hub’s forecourt will contain ultra-fast 300KW DC chargers capable of charging 32 EVs at any one time.
    • Served by 16 high speed DC chargers, each will be able to fully-charge a vehicle in 15-30 minutes, plus a solar canopy will help to generate electricity for the hub.
    • Maximising on the locational benefits of the Campus, the hub will also be accessed via a new entrance from the main Campus through road, just off junction 6 of the M42 and close to the M6.   
Getting here

Getting to the NEC is a breeze with our easy transport links, on-site train station and airport just next door. For more information about travelling to and around the NEC campus please visit our Getting Here page.

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