Exhibitor Parking

Event deliveries: A simple in-out operation

It’s our aim to make sure the delivery and offloading/loading processes at the NEC as painless as possible at all times. With this in mind, we’ve put together the following overview to keep things as simple as possible. The main things to remember are that:

  • Pre-book and print your pass in advance prior to arrival at the NEC
  • there’s a speed limit of 15mph within the inner area (this is the space once you have passed through the security Gates)
  • high visibility clothing must be worn at all times in the offloading area
  • once you have offloaded please remember to remove your vehicle from the inner area and park in our car parks within your allotted time
  • overstay charges may apply

It’s quite simple really and to make it even easier and minimise delays, for 2021 we introduced a faster and more efficient self-serve, advance booking Event Delivery System, powered by Voyage Control. Remember to book in advance before you start your journey and print your pass at work or home. See more info below.

The Event Delivery System will apply to all event vehicles:

  • exhibitors, contractors, including all official contractor vehicles arriving at the NEC to deliver, offload/load during the build period and open period (timings as agreed with the organisers of each event)
  • official courier vehicles will remain exempt
  • during the build up period
  • event deliveries during the open period (latest timings are normally 30 mins before show open hours but can vary)
  • To make a delivery you will need to make a booking. You will need to visit the booking engine site and create an account. Details of this will be included in your exhibitor manual or provided by your event organiser.

Please note that there is no requirement to use the NEC Event Delivery System for event breakdown. 

The NEC Deposit System will still operate for some of our busy events as defined by the NEC. See below for more information.

Deposit System 

Keeping traffic flowing on the busiest event build up days is one of our biggest challenges, which is why at some events we operate a deposit system to keep things moving along. Your Organiser will let you know if any of your build up days involve a deposit system.

When a deposit system is in use, you need to book all deliveries in as outlined above using the online booking system and obtain a time restricted vehicle access pass for delivery/offloading. The difference on a deposit system day, is that you must remove your vehicle from the inner area unloading areas within the allocated delivery time, failure to do so will result in a £80 charge (£100 from 1 Jan 2024). The charge is only levied if you overstay.

Not all shows have a deposit system in place but where it is in place, this is highlighted within the booking system for relevant dates. Registering to use the booking system is easy, the user guide can be found here.

Finally, if you plan on staying at the National Exhibition Centre for the whole day once you have unloaded, please park your vehicle completely free of charge in the nominated outer area car parks.

For access to the booking system, your event organiser will supply a url link to the website.

Exhibitor Advantage Parking

Exhibitor Advantage costs £34.95 and gives you with a guaranteed parking space at the rear of the halls. This provides the flexibility to arrive late or leave early.  You can book for individual days but please note, the last day of show open cannot be booked on its own (and it is not available for one day events). Exhibitor Advantage is available for cars and people carriers only – sorry, no vans are allowed. Once you’ve booked your space online you'll be emailed your passes with your booking confirmation.  Please note, you’ll need to display your pass in your vehicle. Exhibitor Advantage spaces are available for most shows and can be booked three months in advance. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment, as spaces are limited.

Book Parking

We’re not ones for chaos at the NEC and we doubt you are either, that’s why we insist all vehicles at the rear of the halls are parked in an orderly manner. This ensures offloading is quick, safe and expletive-free. With so many people and forklifts in action, we also ask you to be extra vigilant and to don your trusty neon jackets at all times. One last thing, vehicles must not park on yellow hatch markings or red lines unless directed to do so by one of our traffic officers. And please never, ever park on red hatch markings. These are Emergency Exit routes for everyone's safety.

Build up and breakdown

All build up and breakdown vehicles should follow our electronic directional signage for the dedicated lorry parks in use on the day (either South, North 1a or North 12). During the build and breakdown periods parking is completely free for exhibitors and contractors, however please be aware that on occasion a deposit system may be in place.

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Exhibitor FAQs
Parking at the rear of the halls

Please note, only cars and people carriers that have purchased Exhibitor Advantage parking for the open period of an event, can park at the rear of the halls. During the build and break period this area is to be used for loading and offloading only.