Published: 14 Jan 2020

Amadeus' 2020 Vision For Vegan At The NEC

The NEC’s award-winning catering company, Amadeus, has pledged to put an increasing focus on vegan throughout its venues in 2020.

As one of the UK’s leading venue caterers, serving 10 million visitors a year, Amadeus has seen vegan options double over the past two years, increasing its vegan offering to cope with demand.  Research suggests that there has been a fourfold rise in the number of vegans in Great Britain since 2014 and during this time vegan alternatives have become increasingly commonplace at the venue.

As well as introducing a range of new vegan options in the past calendar year, the caterer is looking to collaborate with leaders in vegan food to make sure it is providing the best and most innovative menus.

Marc Frankl, food and beverage director at Amadeus, said: “Veganism is here to stay, and we are really excited to be putting it really high up on our agenda for this coming year - working with leaders in veganism to make sure we’re offering new and exciting options for customers.

“In the past 12 months we have developed a range of new vegan offers and concepts into our venues, including a new range of vegan and beyond meat burgers at the NEC.  It’s important for us to keep options varied but not lose sight of what visitors want when it comes to food and drink: quality, speed and value for money.

 “It’s been an ongoing process, working closely with clients to develop all vegan menus and we’re seeing that this is a growing trend in the industry. Moving forward we’re looking to work even closer with suppliers. They are an important part of the Amadeus family and we’re always speaking to them about new products and ideas. There is no sign of the vegan movement slowing up and we’re really excited to see how we can innovate in this space.”

For more information, visit Amadeus' website.