A beauty of a show from Guild Press….

Beauty UK – which includes Holistic Health, Barber UK and Hair UK – attracted a record attendance of 27,195 trade professionals to its two day showcase event at the NEC in 2016. It’s an exhibition which launched at a small venue back in 2005, growing rapidly and relocating to the NEC in 2007, where it has become the sector’s largest show outside of London. And it all started with Guild News, the monthly magazine for the beauty, nails, tanning and spa sectors, which celebrated its 20th year in 2017.

‘Competition is keen in our sector and the move into live events has helped us protect and grow our print business, extend our reach throughout the holistic, hair and beauty sectors and create exciting and successful new business opportunities. We’ve partnered with other magazines to bring them and their customer databases into our show which helps us attract more and more exhibitors and visitors and create the ‘wow’ factor for everyone.’

‘There’s a symbiotic relationship between shows and publications: they make each other stronger and more successful. Companies and brands which advertise in the magazines become exhibitors, exhibitors become advertisers, visitors become advertisers and exhibitors. We build stronger bonds and can attract and retain business by offering attractive cross-media packages, which help us bring back customers who have dropped away too. Adverts and stands, editorial and exclusive services, something extra for them. And with face to face engagement and constant conversation about the show and the magazine we’ve also identified new, laterally related areas of business where we’re now going from strength to strength. With print in decline, the show has given us a much broader base and we’re able to maximise spend from our customers by offering them print and live, plus a whole lot more. It’s a thing of great beauty, business-wise!’