Published: 15 Oct 2019

Endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont opens Motorhome and Caravan Show

​To celebrate the opening of the Motorhome & Caravan Show, endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont has been demonstrating an alternative way of towing a caravan...with his bicycle!

​ ​

Beaumont has become a household name through his documentaries about ultra-endurance and adventure.  Having smashed the circumnavigation cycling World Record twice in his career, he now holds this 18,000-mile title in a time of 78 days and 14 hours, averaging 240 miles a day.  His epic documentaries have taken viewers to over 100 countries, into the Arctic, the high mountains and around the Commonwealth, also surviving capsize in the mid-Atlantic.  

The stunt took place outside Hall 16, using a 700kg caravan, ahead of his appearance at the Freedom to Go theatre, where he gave a talk about his epic adventures. ​

The Motorhome & Caravan Show will run until 20th October.